A Virion has infected a patient in a hospital

As time has progressed, the Virion has mutated, for the worse, within the patient and then spread to another.

The process has happened 13 times, meaning there are 14 infected patients.

The Virion exists in the brain of the victim, the brain is divided into 9 areas. As the Virion has spread, it has mutated.

The patients are weakened and their natural defence mechanism (antibodies), while adapting to recognise parts of the Virion, need your help to bind to the virus.

In the game, the different types of antibodies are shown as 1 of a number of shapes. The Virion, has a number of “legs” which extend and each has matching shape receptors.
These legs rotate around the virion. To erradicate a Virion from a part of the brain, all its “legs” must be matched and removed within a time period, before the Virion mutates again.

As the game progresses, the Virion develops numerous techniques to defend itself!

A patient is cured, when the Virion is removed from all parts of the patients brain.

As patients are cured or made sufficiently better, you are allowed on to help the next patient.

The game play lifts in intensity as the game progresses. It has been a challenge at times to pull the iPad from our testers hands!!

Virion is graphically and acoustically rich, making great use of the iPads inherent abilities. We supply 6 profiles, enabling family and friends to keep their progress on the same iPad, allowing each player to tag themselves from the iPads photo library.

We hope you have many hours of fun with this game. Our testers have enjoyed it greatly, from what appears a simple concept a challenging and engrossing game emerges.

Try it and see!

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Virion - iPad

Virion SD - iPhone,iTouch