A Level is a part of the brain of the patient.

The brain of the patient is divided into 9 areas. When you have chosen the Campaign (Patient) you wish to play, the level select screen is shown:


At the bottom left is the patient, with the score and awards status shown.

The brain has 9 areas, the levels. The first time you reach this screen a finger points to the easiest level, this level has additional help pointers!

Each area indicates:

  • Infectious state (difficulty), ranging from green (easiest), yellow, amber, red and blue (the hardest).
  • Star award , blank (not cleared), Bronze (cleared) , Silver or Gold (excellent!).
  • Score achieved

To play, tap the star of the area you wish to play.

To return to the Campaign screen, tap the picture of the patient.

If your profile is associated with Game Center, a Game Center icon appears in the top right which will show the Virion leader board.

You can play a level as many times as you wish!

Below, is the same screen where a number of levels have been completed


If your profile is associated with Game Center, a drop down appears every time you enter this screen, showing you your current rank on the Virion leader board.

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